Gerry Weaver, CIO, Indiana Benign Dictatorship/Technology Management Changes Save Indiana Millions Photo courtesy of Gerry Weaver

four or five years old," Moelk said. "All of the DOC's funding had to come from the state coffers, and the state budget wouldn't support a three-year refresh program."

Weaver's team guarantees all agencies the same hardware and support services.


Farewell to the Grind

Moelk managed his agency's desktops, servers, network and help desk before the consolidation. He used to survey end-users every 30 to 60 days to measure help desk service satisfaction. The transition to a centralized, statewide help desk was difficult for the first few months, resulting in lower survey grades than normal. However, the situation changed after a few more months.

"At the end of the first year, the survey results were better than the survey results when we had our own resources," Moelk said.

Now that Moelk doesn't deal with the daily grind of network maintenance, he devotes more time developing agency-specific software projects.

"I can spend a lot more of my time strategically with customers talking about next year's grant. How are we going to attack this or where are we going to spend new money if we get it?" Moelk said. "Personally I find it a lot more up my alley because that's part of the value a CIO should bring to an organization -- talking about the future."

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Andy Opsahl is a former writer and features editor for Government Technology magazine.