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Weeks later, IBM and the DIR jointly announced that they agreed upon a plan to improve data backup and recovery.

Troubles continued into 2009. A state auditor's report released in August criticized the DIR for failing to adequately oversee the data center consolidation. According to the Austin American-Statesman, moving servers into the two new data center was well behind schedule. The original contract terms set a December 2009 deadline.

A month later, Brian Rawson resigned as the state's CTO to take a job with the Texas Education Agency. Robinson was named his interim replacement. She was previously the governor's director of administration and technology.

The state originally expected the consolidation to save more than $150 million over the life of the seven-year contract. But a report released by the DIR in June estimates that consolidation saved only $11 million over the last two years. "We still are expecting a great savings," DIR spokesman Thomas Johnson said Friday. "I don't know that we want to put a direct number on it at this point, since we're going about [the contract and consolidation] a completely different way. We still expect a tremendous savings in the state, overall, once we get to full implementation."

Government Technology magazine Editor Steve Towns contributed to this story.


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