California Technology Agency Must Approve All Smartphone Purchases

A new policy in California requires that any state agency under the governor's authority obtain approval for its smartphone purchases.

by / May 28, 2013

The California Technology Agency (CTA) announced last week that state agencies under the governor’s authority looking to buy smartphones will need its approval.

Technology Letter 13-01 described the process by which state entities can seek approval for the smartphone, which involves completing and signing a Smartphone Use Justification Form to the CTA Office of Telecommunications Procurement. The form must describe why the smartphone is needed and how it will be used.

“Technology solutions, such as smartphones, are investments that ensure government employees have the tools to do their jobs effectively,” said Christine Lally, the Assistant Secretary of Legislation and Communications at the CTA. “We want to make certain these technology investments provide a clear business purpose and measurable impact value to the State.”

According to a FAQ document posted by the agency, the CTA does not have a formal appeal process if the request is rejected, but does allow for replacing a broken phone as long as it is not more expensive than the cost of replacing the same model.

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