Missouri Increases DNA Testing of Felons

New law requires a DNA sample from every person convicted of any felony or sex crime

by / June 30, 2004
Missouri Gov. Bob Holden recently signed Senate Bill 1000 into law that expands the collection and use of DNA evidence in criminal investigations.

This bill requires a DNA sample from every person convicted of any felony or sex crime. Previously, only felons that committed violent or certain sex-related crimes had to submit a sample for inclusion in the state's DNA profiling system. Under the new law, any criminal investigation may use this system.

"This new DNA testing system will allow Missouri's law enforcement to solve previously unsolved cases and help future investigations," Holden said. "This tool will also prevent individuals from being wrongfully convicted and may free and compensate individuals who were wrongfully convicted in the past."

The establishment of a DNA Profiling Analysis Fund will help the ongoing operation of the DNA index system. A $30 surcharge on all felony cases and a $15 surcharge on all misdemeanor cases will finance the fund.

The DNA Profiling Analysis Fund will also pay restitution for any person who has been incarcerated and then exonerated through the use of DNA evidence. It will pay restitution for every day the person was incarcerated after the conviction at a rate of $50 per day.


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