The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency awarded BIO-Key a contract to deploy a wireless mobile data solution for data collection and reporting of disaster information based on BIO-Key's PocketCOP.

With this new mobile solution, PEMA field inspectors can quickly complete damage assessment reports and wirelessly submit this information from the field to a central database. Collecting accurate damage information rapidly is a critical step in receiving federal disaster assistance.

The PEMA mobile data system will be deployed on the same state-wide network used by the Pennsylvania State Police. In addition to capturing and transmitting damage assessment information, the PEMA mobile data solution will provide silent and secure text messaging between inspectors and can be used for interoperable communications with the Pennsylvania state police. The state's highly-reliable wireless network provides redundancy at every level, ensuring availability during disaster situations.

"PEMA's innovative approach to collecting and disseminating disaster data and information to protect the citizens of Pennsylvania is not only a very efficient and cost effective solution, but has the additional benefit of providing their staff with secure connectivity to the state police -- anytime, anywhere," says Michael DePasquale, BIO-key CEO. "Whether it's forwarding reports, messaging with their peers or communicating with the state police, they can now send and receive information when and where they need it."