Real-Time Video Monitoring Technology Unveiled in Texas

Live video feeds of suspicious activities help Addison, Texas, police dispatchers decide whether a police presence is warranted.

by / March 7, 2011

For years video surveillance has been a useful tool for law enforcement officials. The Addison, Texas, Police Department might have taken its usage one step further, however, with the deployment of a new live video feed monitoring system.

Developed by Dallas-based Stealth Monitoring Inc., the technology allows for real-time video feeds to be transmitted directly from a Stealth Monitoring employee watching the event, to a police dispatcher, who can decide whether a police presence is warranted at the scene.

“Monitoring video feeds isn't new," said Stealth Monitoring CEO Norm Charney in a statement. "What is new is our ability to actively live monitor thousands of video feeds … in a cost-effective manner, identify suspicious activity and notify authorities quickly.”

In addition, the real-time feed can help police officers after they arrive at the scene, as updates on the whereabouts of vehicles and alleged criminals can be communicated.

In the future, the Addison Police Department plans to upgrade its dispatch center so that dispatchers can also transmit the feed directly to patrol cars and the cell phones of responding officers.

"As more businesses and other venues take advantage of this type of technology, our dispatchers and police officers will be able to respond more quickly and effectively, making it harder for criminals to commit crimes or get away with crimes they have committed," said Addison Police Chief Ron Davis.

Although the city paid for the equipment and monitoring service, the installation of the technology was free.