Tennessee Meth Task Force Adopts Mobile Narcotics Detection Solution

Its advanced ITMS trace technology has, in the past, proven admissible in court as an aid to drug-related prosecutions.

by / August 28, 2008

The Tennessee Meth Task Force has purchased three narcotics and explosives detection systems from GE Security to provide its methamphetamine incident response specialists near-instant narcotics detection and identification in the field.

GE's MobileTrace affords Tennessee Meth Task Force (TMTF) agents the ability to sample and send narcotics detection results from virtually any field location. Based on GE Security's advanced ion trap mobility spectrometry (ITMS) trace technology, the highly portable MobileTrace is able to deliver fast and accurate narcotics detection reports that have, in the past, proven an aid to drug-related prosecutions.

The Task Force has been an early adopter of GE Security's technologies that support their agents and working conditions. Prior to purchasing GE's MobileTrace units, TMTF agents used GE Security's Itemiser3, MobileTrace's desktop predecessor, which limited detection mobility in the field.

An important tool for law enforcement and military officers, MobileTrace facilitates detection of both narcotics and a wide range of explosives in seconds from a single sample. MobileTrace's simultaneous dual-mode detection combined with a state-of-the-art battery for longer life is expected to provide TMTF agents the capabilities needed to stay ahead of the substance detection challenges faced by law enforcement.

MobileTrace is designed to interface with other systems via Ethernet or USB communication, enabling in-depth analysis and file management from remote desktops by multiple users. Its advanced ITMS trace technology has, in the past, proven admissible in court as an aid to drug-related prosecutions.

"GE Security has been an important supporter of our law enforcement activities for more than three years and has consistently provided advanced solutions that are effective, innovative and easy to use," said Tommy Farmer, director, Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force. "We have had great success with GE Security's Itemiser3 and look forward to using the new MobileTrace units in the field. Having the ability to offer our agents advanced technology and convenience not only helps them be more effective but also helps ensure their safety and the safety of Tennessee's citizens."