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SeeClickFix Puts Comparative Data on Municipalities into Widget

Which cities’ residents are most active at reporting roadway potholes and other public nuisances?

by / January 6, 2012
Potholes Photo by MSVG Creative Commons 2.0 Generic

Which cities’ residents are most active at reporting roadway potholes and other public nuisances? We may be coming closer to a definitive answer.

SeeClickFix, the Web-based tool for reporting complaints and making service requests, has announced a new feature that allows governments, businesses and citizens to mash up comparative data and post that information online in an embeddable widget.

The data is based on “activity” and “results” scores of cities, counties, neighborhoods and other geographic boundaries  — calculated via algorithms — the company has been compiling. The activity score is based on the number of issues, comments, users, and “watch areas” within specified geographic boundaries. The results score indicates how many issues have been resolved in those boundaries, whether it be a city, neighborhood or city block.

“With this new feature, we hope to highlight not only the positive improvements already
happening in your neighborhood, but also the work that still needs to be done,” SeeClickFix CEO Ben Berkowitz said in a statement.

Anyone can make these data comparison visualizations at and post them on a website. Online registration is required.

Here’s an example that Government Technology made:

Launched in 2008, New Haven, Conn.-based SeeClickFix comes in both a free version and a paid premium option that includes customizable features. Thousands of public safety and public works officials now accept community reports through the Web-based platform.

The company says 60 percent of issues that people report through the system are resolved. The platform supports Open 311, an application development interface designed to make data sharable. In April 2011 SeeClickFix began supporting its product on Facebook. The platform is also available through Web browsers and smartphone apps.

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