Tanya Roscorla

Former Managing Editor, CDE

Tanya Roscorla covered ed tech from 2009-2017.

The county's public schools have developed a growing ed tech team that collaborates with teachers in designing multi-age classrooms and introducing new technologies that strengthen learning and trust.
The Borough of Manhattan Community College is encouraging faculty innovation and student access to open educational resources with the help of a $4 million state investment.
The second-largest school district in the U.S. learned some painful lessons as its staff struggled to fix a failed IT system and to restore trust in its ability to manage such a large project.
Future engineers have an online space to get help with their projects and learn skills.
Colleges are taking advantage of a business opportunity and an education need in the marketplace.
Faculty have been slow to adopt open education resources, but Virginia's Tidewater Community College offers zero-cost degree programs, which might jump-start the ed tech trend.
Efforts at the local, regional and state levels continue to move forward as leaders tackle obstacles on their way to better data sharing.
Thanks to legislation, the state has broken down barriers to data sharing, which has improved how education and child welfare agencies track foster care students. The result: improved graduation rates.
Schools don't always know when they're serving foster care students, who are at high risk for dropping out and falling behind. But researchers and policymakers have laid the foundation for identifying and helping these students succeed academically.
Security and privacy often overshadow this important component of information technology efforts.
The Rhode Island innovation leader hopes to use his new position to tackle tech challenges related to digital equity, next-generation assessments and transitions between high school and college.
As more higher education online learning relies on visuals to tell a story, they're often not accessible to people who are blind. Now, some colleges are tackling the problem with better funding and technology.
These institutions show how leadership, technology and innovation can simplify and open up what has become a complex and expensive learning process.
Superintendent Bill Wade has been working with principals and teachers to change the way learning happens and help them get the most out of technology.
Horizon report reveals a big-picture look at higher ed tech trends and challenges.
A recently published playbook gives teachers ways to create higher performing, happier classrooms. But education leaders can play a role in helping them. Here's how.
A new education secretary, Federal Communications Commission chair and Congressional leadership are setting the tone for 2017.
An iNACOL report shares examples and key themes in schools that are trying to help students really understand what they're learning.
Delaware went from having 18 percent of high-performing students not enroll in college to zero in a short amount of time.
As student success becomes a major focus at universities, IT leaders are left to consider what they can keep, collaborate on and sustain so they can contribute meaningfully to student success.
The cost of Internet service has gone down 40 percent since 2015 while more school districts are increasing the bandwidth they get for their money.
Virtual and augmented reality allow students to experience learning, while telepresence brings students far away into the classroom.
The conference for students and by students could lead to other conferences and parent nights this year.
Florida Polytechnic University trains students for higher-wage jobs so they can help companies solve problems.
The nominee for education secretary has expressed interest in technology, but it's unclear how significant its role will be if her appointment is confirmed.
When it comes to getting the right data into stakeholders' hands in a way that makes sense to them, states have their work cut out for them.
Universities will struggle with online education programs until they understand the reasons that students chose or rejected them.
Anchorage School District uses new data dashboards to track how well it's doing at fulfilling its mission of helping all students succeed.
What IT leaders need to know about their attackers and methods.
Top state and national leaders share their cybersecurity advice for education institutions.