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Cask Spins Off Digital Transformation into Separate Business

Cask Government Services will focus on program management and other operational support for federal agencies, while Cask NX will offer end-to-end consulting on digital transformation.

by / April 8, 2019

Cask LLC announced Monday that it has split into two companies, one of which will focus on providing services to the federal government, and the other of which will work on digital transformation for public- and private-sector clients.

A news release said Cask Government Services, headquartered in northern Virginia, will be the banner under which the company carries on its mission as envisioned since 2004, when it started providing IT procurement support to state, federal and higher-education agencies. Cask Government Services will now focus on program management, cybersecurity, logistics, business analysis and engineering services for the federal government.

Over subsequent years, Cask also started providing consulting services, and those will be the focus of Cask NX in San Diego. This will include designing, developing and implementing digital transformation using ServiceNow, a cloud-based SaaS for tech support, for both public and private clients.

The news release attributed the split to the rapid growth and development of multiple lines of business, both of which would be better served, it said, by independent companies with the flexibility to pursue new market and partnership opportunities.

“We have been working with ServiceNow for over 10 years to help businesses transform the way people work and are now all in with our staff and resources, focusing our attention on delivering a one-of-a-kind ServiceNow experience,” said Cask NX President Mark Larsen. “The split will enable significant business and human capital investments in a fast-growing ServiceNow ecosystem to capture maximum opportunity over the next 10 years, with a core focus to drive impactful outcomes for clients through organizational and technology transformation.”

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