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CentralSquare Pushes CAD Network for Atlanta-Area Responders

CentralSquare’s integration with CAD-to-CAD software it acquired earlier this year from Tellus Safety Solutions has enabled an interconnected 911 dispatch network, with the potential to shorten response times.

by News Staff / November 27, 2019
Dispatchers field 911 calls at the Hillsborough County TNS

By implementing CAD-to-CAD communication software it acquired in May, CentralSquare is hoping to create a regional, interconnected 911 dispatch system among its agency customers near Atlanta.

According to a news release, more than 30 agencies in the Atlanta area are using a computer-aided dispatch system from CentralSquare, including systems from TriTech, Zuercher and Tiburon before they merged into CentralSquare. Those customers will now be able to reap the benefits of the company’s acquisition of Tellus Safety Solutions earlier this year, which put two pieces of software — Aware, which allows neighboring emergency response agencies to see each other’s incidents and resources, and Unify, which allows disparate agencies to dispatch resources to an incident — in the hands of the nation’s largest public-safety software provider. CentralSquare is now offering those agencies free licensing and maintenance for Aware, after what a spokesperson described as a small one-time fee for setup and training, so they can more easily share real-time information and respond faster to nearby emergencies.

As explained in the news release, due to jurisdictional boundaries and dispatch center locations, the closest available unit to a 911 caller is not always the one that responds. But when disparate CAD software tools can interoperate with neighboring agencies, effectively creating an interconnected CAD network, emergency responders can better coordinate and cut their response times.

CentralSquare CEO Simon Angove told Government Technology in May that the company was competing with CAD-to-CAD tools in the works at Motorola and Hexagon, and that more acquisitions, and even artificial-intelligence projects, were on the horizon.

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