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Q3 Market Update: Service Contracts Are Most Common Gov Tech Opportunity

A look through third-quarter market data.

by / October 27, 2017
Source: Center for Digital Government

Services remained the busiest sector of technology procurement in government during the third quarter of 2017, according to data from the Center for Digital Government.*

The data, which examines tech procurements coming out of state and local governments across the U.S., is based on opportunities — that is, for each procurement there might be a hardware component, a software component and a service component for a total of three opportunities. There were 8,286 such opportunities during the third quarter, which ran from July 1 through Sept. 30.

Services made up 34 percent of those opportunities, followed by hardware at 25 percent and software at 24 percent. Networks and telecommunications were 12 percent, and the smallest category was construction at 5 percent.

The numbers remained virtually the same as in the second quarter, except that hardware and software opportunities fell 1 percent each, while construction grew 2 percent.

*The Center for Digital Government is a part of e.Republic, Government Technology's parent company.

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