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Partnership Aims to Prevent Use of Stolen Biometric ID Data

iProov, an identity verification company that works with government, is integrating its technology with Acuant. The idea uses a unique, one-time color stamp to prove that a person is really there.

iProov biometrics
Photo of iProov's face verifier technology.
iProov, a company that offers identity verification through facial recognition and works with government, is partnering with the company Acuant to bring its "one-time biometric stamp" technology to that platform.

iProov’s Flashmark technology aims to achieve "general presence assurance." By projecting a cryptographic color sequence onto the user’s face for several seconds, the face imagery is marked by a unique one-time code. iProov’s servers carry out an in-depth analysis of the Flashmarked image (such as the pattern and characteristics of reflection) and compare it to the user’s enrollment image to determine "liveness" — that it's a real person and not just an image of them. The Flashmark color sequence is double-checked to ensure it matches with the one-time code sent to the user’s device to initiate the session. According to a news release, the one-time biometric can prevent a person's data from being used if it's stolen or reproduced by deepfake.

The company works in a variety of sectors, including government — it has worked with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as well as the United Kingdom Home Office and National Health Service.

“Across the world iProov is securing the link between digital identity and physical human beings," Andrew Bud, CEO of iProov, in the statement. "We’re excited about this partnership, which will deliver simpler, faster and safer digital identity solutions globally.”

Acuant’s Trusted Identity Platform provides identity verification using AI and human-assisted machine learning to increase accuracy. With the Flashmark upgrade, users will be able to use the platform for onboarding, authentication, ID verification, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance. The technology works on most devices with a front-facing camera with an Internet connection.

The move makes Acuant the latest company to implement iProov’s facial recognition technology to its services. As iProov states on their website, the company saw a sharp demand in completing more processes online (partially attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic) — meaning that verifying identity digitally became essential. According to the news release, the rise in cybercrime and occurances of online fraud during the COVID-19 crisis makes it imperative for heightened security. The new partnership aims to combat myriad threats and provide dependable, secure services to its customers.

“The demand for online authentication and genuine presence assurance is growing every day,” Acuant CEO Yossi Zekri said in the statement. “iProov addresses the increasing threat of replay attacks and other spoofing tactics like no other solution today.”