Salesforce Announces Vaccine Cloud for Logistical Challenges

Repackaging and expanding upon prior tools for helping governments set up their own vaccine management systems, Salesforce has new cloud software for coordinating vaccines, citizens and employees.

Closeup of a vaccine needle and vial.
As COVID-19 forced their clients to make organization-wide changes, gov tech companies have rolled out new products during each leg of the crisis, from remote work to contact tracing, digital services, public outreach, returning to work and vaccine management. Staring down what is hopefully the last stretch, Salesforce this week announced a bundle of software tools for governments, health-care organizations, businesses and nonprofits focused on administering vaccines.

Salesforce’s Vaccine Cloud has a lot of overlap with tools the company launched last year: in May, it released the platform to help companies manage employee safety and remote work, and in September, a set of vaccine management tools to help agencies design their own programs for inventory management, public outreach, appointment scheduling, online pre-screenings, outcome monitoring and surveys.

According to a news release, the Vaccine Cloud repackages those tools in the Salesforce Customer 360 platform and expands upon them. For government agencies, it gives them data and analytics to track progress with vaccinating citizens, including doses, patient outcomes, and consolidating related data from disparate systems. For health-care providers, tools on the Vaccine Cloud can handle inventory, scheduling, staff training, payment and communication. For businesses, besides helping them schedule vaccine appointments, it lets people share their vaccination or health status so employers know when they can safely bring people back to work.

Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit, director of health informatics and technology at the Lake County Health Department in Illinois, said in a public statement that purpose-built cloud technology helps his staff navigate a complex process when time is of the essence.

“Our cloud-based AllVax system enables us to shield our community and employees from some of the difficult logistical pieces of the vaccination process to focus and execute on our core mission,” he said.

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