California's Department of FI$Cal Releases First Strategic Plan

The department has released its first strategic plan since becoming a standalone department.

by News Staff, Techwire / May 5, 2017

The state's Department of FI$Cal — which is managing the ongoing rollout of California's new enterprise financial information system — has released its first strategic plan since becoming a standalone department.

The Department of FI$Cal is responsible for operating and maintaining California’s statewide accounting, budget, cash management and procurement system. "The [strategic] plan will serve as the guidepost over the next five years as the department moves through final project implementation and into operation and maintenance of the FI$Cal System," the department said.

"As we move closer to completion of the FI$Cal Project (targeting 2019 for completion), we have begun shifting from only a project to an operational organization that can manage, operate and maintain FI$Cal into the future," FI$Cal Director Miriam Barcellona Ingenito writes in her introductory message.

Thirty-six departments, including State Controller and State Treasurer functionality, are scheduled to onboard onto FI$Cal in 2017. In advance of this, FI$Cal’s Information Technology Division placed a production freeze this week to limit change requests. FI$Cal said it's testing ServiceNow to replace its current ticket management system.

Another 54 department will onboard onto FI$Cal in summer 2018. A transparency website will be added in 2019.

In February, Barcellona Ingenito told lawmakers that the FI$Cal IT system itself is functioning and in production, but she acknowledged that onboarding state departments, not the technology piece, is the project's biggest challenge. Some have speculated the project's cost could eventually top $1 billion.

This article was originially published on Techwire.


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