Silicon Valley Accelerator Takes on Gov Tech Companies

500 Startups' 20th batch of companies includes several government-facing firms.

by / February 9, 2017
500 Startups
500 Startups

With its 20th group of companies, the Silicon Valley accelerator 500 Startups is diving into gov tech companies.

The accelerator has taken on six government-facing companies in its January-May program out of a total of 44 in the cohort. That’s something of a departure for the accelerator, which has recently focused on business-to-business, health, financial, and fashion and beauty companies.

The government-relevant companies in Batch 20 are:

  • GovList, which streamlines the government procurement process. Government Technology included this company on its 2017 GovTech 100 list.
  • Numina, which seeks to offer cities real-time data from the streets.
  • Raxar Technology Corp., which makes the asset and data management platform GRAiT.
  • Text to Ticket, which pays people to submit videos of people texting while driving and then delivers that footage to law enforcement.
  • UrbanLoqiq, a machine-learning powered data analytics platform with an emphasis on economic development and transportation.
  • VisaBot, which helps fill out forms and complete immigration application processes.

The full list of companies is here.

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