Ransomware, Robotics and Representation: 2019 in Review

In a collection of Government Technology’s top stories from the past 12 months, we look back on the year that was and take note of the tribulations and transformations in state and local government.

by News Staff / December 2019
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2019 wrought a lot of wrangling over policies to govern how technology is used across and by government. It was a year that started with a shutdown of the federal government, continued with a steady uptick in (reported) cases of ransomware and growing revelations around election security, and also featured plenty of discussion around the role of government in ensuring big technology companies protect citizen privacy. Battles raged locally and nationally over whether current policies strike the right balance of innovation versus local control when it comes to ever-shrinking connectivity infrastructure and an ever-growing set of options for navigating city streets. In the pages that follow, we recap the stories that drew the most interest from Government Technology readers this year. Click through for some hints as to what lies unresolved going into the new decade.

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