System Crash Disrupts Juror Reporting in Sacramento, Calif.

The Superior Court’s website and main jury telephone line went down Friday for unknown reasons, forcing prospective jurors to call the Jury Commissioner’s Office directly for further instructions.

by Cassie Dickman, The Sacramento Bee / January 7, 2019
Prospective jurors in a waiting area — courthouse unknown. Shutterstock/Jillian Cain Photography

(TNS) — A computer system crash is going to affect the way prospective Sacramento Superior Court jurors have to check in Monday for their reporting times.

The court’s system went down Friday, rendering both its website and main jury telephone line unavailable, said Kim Pedersen, the court’s public information officer.

Pedersen said the court’s IT department is working to get the system working again by Sunday night, but the problem could persist until as late as Monday. The cause of the crash is unknown, she said.

For now, new prospective jurors are being asked to call the Jury Commissioner’s Office at 916-874-7775 for their reporting instructions, Pedersen said. All returning jurors should follow the instructions previously rendered by the judge.

Monday reporting instructions provided by the temporary hotline say juror groups 110 to 112 must report to the main courthouse on Ninth Street at 8 a.m., while groups 113 to 116 must check back at 11:15 a.m. for a possible 1 p.m. reporting time and groups 117 to 139 must check back after 5 p.m. for further instructions.

“If we get back up and running, obviously before Sunday, it will go back to the website or call the regular number,” Pedersen said. “But at this junction, we want them to follow these instructions.”

Despite the crash, it will be “business as usual” Monday morning, Pedersen said. The doors will be open and staff will be at all courthouse facilities.

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