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Managing Cyber Risks Initiative

Understanding how to minimize risk and increase cyber resilience

Seven months after the deadline set by Proposition 24, the CPPA is still working to complete its rulemaking.The delay reveals the painstaking and complicated process of actually implementing an idea signed into law or approved by voters.
The ransomware group Royal sent an extortion letter to Tucson Unified School District earlier this week following a successful cyber attack. Teachers are continuing in-person lessons even as some systems remain offline.
The U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology’s newly released framework provides organizations a pathway to use artificial intelligence technology in a way that reduces risk.
Law enforcement disrupted the digital infrastructure the ransomware group Hive uses to communicate with members, and stole decryption tools that it passed along to victims during a monthslong covert infiltration of the criminal network.
While state CISO, Roemer confronted struggles to find and hire cyber talent, and sought to make cyber awareness trainings more frequent, robust and widespread. He now joins a private company focused on both those areas.
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After briefly stirring into life as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted, companies and entire economies are again stepping on the brakes as they brace for yet another “current situation.”
Since the cybersecurity sector first emerged, network defenders have been locked in a perpetual arms race with their adversaries. This translates into a continuous quest for more security solutions.
State and local government (SLG) organizations are null that impact and disrupt citizen services.