New Web-Based E-Signature Service Enables BlackBerry Users to Sign Documents From Anywhere

The EchoSign service enables BlackBerry and Treo users to instantly authorize documents while away from the office. And its basic service is free!

by / October 12, 2006
A new e-signature service service for BlackBerry and Treo users was announced today by EchoSign at the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco. The EchoSign service enables BlackBerry and Treo users to instantly authorize documents while away from the office, without the hassles of waiting for paperwork to make it back through the fax machines or overnight mail. This new web-based e-signature service makes it easy for mobile workers to close deals, approve expense reports and authorize work from the road.

"Today the corporate worker is probably armed with a Smartphone, EV-DO, WiFi, an ultralight laptop, VoIP corporate telephony, a Bluetooth headset -- and yet still cannot roam far from the office," said Jason Lemkin, CEO of EchoSign. " is the instant solution to this missing piece in the mobile armory and frees businessmen and women from their desks, printers and the fax machines."

The EchoSign web-based e-signature service enables two or more people to electronically sign any document instantly for free. With EchoSign e-signature's service, legally binding electronic signatures are instantly delivered in PDF format to both sender and recipient.

"Our major accounts sales team is almost entirely mobile," said J.D. Fay, senior vice president, corporate affairs and general counsel of @Road, Inc., a global provider of solutions designed to automate the management of mobile resources. "Automating our sales contracts, NDAs, and human resources paperwork through EchoSign has let us close deals more quickly and given management instant visibility into the paperwork in our organizations. With our increasing use of BlackBerry devices, EchoSign enables both our team and our customers to sign and approve documents in seconds with its e-signature capabilities, without ever having to go back to a PC."

EchoSign also provides users with instant access from anywhere to the status of outstanding agreements -- which documents are still out for signature; which ones have been signed; and which ones haven't. And EchoSign archives all of its users' documents in the standard PDF format, with the signature included.

The EchoSign BlackBerry/Treo service is free, enabling users to exchange an unlimited number of documents with others, and to store the last 20 documents in their account. With the EchoSign BlackBerry/Treo Pro service ($12.95 per month), an unlimited number of documents can be automatically stored online. With pricing based on the size of the organization, the EchoSign BlackBerry/Treo Enterprise service provides organizations with a branded experience, specialized compliance capabilities and hierarchical accounts.
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