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SubRosaSoft Ships MacLockPick for Law Enforcement

Live forensics tool for extracting passwords, Internet history, Wi-Fi connections and system settings from a suspect's Mac OS X computer. Inc. today announced the immediate availability of MacLockPick, a new live forensics tool for extracting passwords, Internet history, and system settings from a suspect's Mac OS X computer.

According to the company, MacLockPick is an indispensable tool for law enforcement professionals to perform live forensics on Mac OS X systems. The solution is based on a USB Flash drive that can be inserted into a suspect's Mac OS X computer that is running (or sleeping). Once the MacLockPick software is run it will extract data from the Apple Keychain and system settings to provide the examiner fast access to the suspect's critical information with as little interaction or trace as possible.

A database of the suspect's information is compiled on the Flash Drive to allow for easy transportation away from the suspect's system. This database can be read by the included log readers on Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac OS X computers back at base.

The following is a list of file items that can be extracted using SubRosaSoft's MacLockPick:

Apple Keychain Passwords

    * System - The user password of the logged in user. Often this is shared for root access and FileVault encryption.
    * General - Includes (but is not limited to) passwords for encrypted disk images, Wi-Fi base stations, iTunes music store, iChat login, Apple Remote Desktop.
    * Internet - Includes (but is not limited to) login and password details for web sites, email accounts, some peer to peer networks, online services and stores, auction sites, and .mac accounts.
    * AppleShare - A list of login and password details for appleshare servers this mac has connected to.

Files and Folder details

    * Folder Dates - A list of all the key user folders along with their creation date, date of last modification, date of first access, and date of the most recent access.
    * Disk Images - Paths to the most recent disk images that have been mounted on this mac.
    * Preview - Full paths to recent files that have been viewed in the preview program.
    * QuickTime - File names for recently viewed movies for the QuickTime player applications
    * Recent Applications, Documents, and Servers - Program names for the most recently used items on this Macintosh computer.

Instant Messaging

    * Default Login - for iChat instant messenger system.
    * Complete buddy list - including buddies who have since been deleted.


    * Account Details - login names and server addresses used.
    * Address Book - Address details for entries in the address book including contacts that have been deleted. This address book is used by most communication programs on the Mac and is used to synchronize with the iPod and other portable devices.
    * Opened Attachments - Paths to files that have been received as an attachment then saved or opened including the date and time of opening.

Web History and Preferences

    * Search Strings - The most recent items that the user has searched for using the google toolbar in safari.
    * Cached Bookmarks - Sites that have been bookmarked in Safari including items that have been deleted.
    * Current Bookmarks - Sites that are currently bookmarked in Safari.
    * Cookies - A full list of cookies include the server address the cookie value and the date and time of assignment.
    * History - Complete details of browsing history including the number of times visited and the date and time of the most recent visit.

Hardware Preferences

    * iPod - Serial numbers of any iPod that have been connected to this Mac along with the date and time it was first used.
    * Bluetooth Devices - hardware address of any bluetooth devices that have been paired with this mac along with the most recent time these devices have been paired.
    * Wi-Fi Connections - Listings for Wi-Fi base stations that have been used on this computer including the base address and the date and time of the first connection.
    * Network Interfaces - MAC address for each integrated network interface on the suspect's machine.

Important Note: Law Enforcement Only

MacLockPick is not for sale to the general public. Purchasers will be required to provide proof that they are a licensed law enforcement professional. Users are required to ensure that the use of this technology is legal on federal, state, and local level.

Information about SubRosaSoft can be found at: