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Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District Launches Problem Reporting Tool

The tool helps constituents resolve problems fast, while increasing internal efficiency and transparency.

MSD Citizen Problem Reporter.png

The Greater Salt Lake Municipal Services District (MSD) — which provides services to more than 86,000 people located in the metro townships and unincorporated areas of Salt Lake County — launched the Citizen Problem Reporter. This tool lets constituents submit non-emergency requests in one of 10 categories, such as code enforcement, grading and stormwater, and land use and zoning. Constituents can also request services from district entities like public works and animal control.


Constituents can submit requests from any device at any time, which allows MSD to dispatch inspectors and code enforcement officers in a timely manner to address issues. This process continues to increase efficiency and transparency while minimizing time, fuel and resources spent on driving throughout the communities looking for problems. The system lets residents complete service requests outside of business hours, which reduces the number of phone calls to MSD. The tool also allows MSD’s limited staff to prioritize problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.


MSD recommends the following steps:

  • Go to the Esri Solutions website for state and local government.
  • Select the Citizen Problem Reporter solution from the options listed on the site.
  • Review the requirements section to ensure your organization has the necessary Esri licensing structure to support the solution.
  • Follow the instructions under Introduction to Citizen Problem Reporter.
  • Customize the application for your organization’s needs.
  • Advertise the application.