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Don’t Ban Scooters, Say Indiana University Students

Despite a soaring number of scooter-related injuries to students in the last 10 months, the Indiana University student government is against a ban, citing benefits, such as mobility, accessibility and affordability.

by Michael Reschke, Herald-Times / October 16, 2019

(TNS) — More than 100 students went to the Indiana University Health Center for treatment of scooter-related injuries over a 10-month period, according to a recently released IU Student Government report.

However, IU Student Government is against banning scooters, citing benefits to college affordability and economic opportunity for students.

The recommendation against banning scooters was presented to the IU Board of Trustees at its August meeting in Bloomington. A report with that recommendation and the results of a campus survey was submitted to the board late last month. The report was released publicly earlier this month.

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