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University of Michigan Funds New Transportation Research

Seven projects have received $640,000 to look into new ways to transform commutes, ensure compliance with autonomous vehicle traffic safety rules and advance other auto manufacturing innovations.

by Dana Afana, The Ann Arbor News / July 15, 2019

(TNS) —  The University of Michigan recently awarded $640,000 to seven research projects intended to transform commutes, ensure compliance with autonomous vehicle traffic safety rules and advance other auto manufacturing innovations.

The funding will go toward high-tech, preliminary projects that aim to center around increasing efficiency, safety and sustainability of moving people and goods, according to a news release from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

The award is from the Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) Innovation Hub for Advanced Transportation, which is run by the UM Center for Entrepreneurship and the UM Office of Tech Transfer.

“These projects are in their early stages, but they have shown promise to have a potentially revolutionary impact on the transportation sector,” said Denise Graves, university relations director at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, in a news release.

“These awards, along with mentoring support from industry professionals, will help them bring those innovative technologies closer to commercialization, and the MEDC looks forward to seeing them achieve their milestones over the next year."

Researchers will receive mentorship support from transportation industry experts as their projects advance toward commercialization. The projects are intended to address needs in the advanced transportation marketplace:

UM researchers aim to:

Increase semiconductor wafer inspection tenfold through precision nano-positioning.

A Michigan State University researcher-led project proposes to reduce internal combustion engine fuel consumption through a turbulent jet ignition system.

A project led by a Wayne State University researcher aims to minimize consumers’ unnecessary personal trips by developing a high efficiency, high-density drone delivery network.

The MTRAC program is supported through funds from the Michigan Strategic Fund and administered by the MEDC, with additional funding coming from partners, according to a news release.

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