University of Florida Tries Different Admissions Tactic with Online Program

More than 3,000 students received acceptance letters, but they came with a string attached.

Applicants to the University of Florida received a surprise in their acceptance letters: They could attend the university, but only if they enrolled in the online program for a year.

More than 3,000 students received these letters even though they didn't apply to the Pathway to Campus Enrollment program, which the University of Florida fully launched this year. At a flagship school like this one, acceptance letters usually extend to 12,000 students, and this online enrollment option represents a way to add more qualified students to the population, reports Valerie Strauss from the Answer Sheet.

Both the online program and the conditional admissions are experiments, and it will be interesting to see how many of these students take the offer on the table. If they did, they would have to take 15 units over the course of two semesters online. To become a residential student, they have to earn 60 credits and meet the program requirements.