High School Sophomores Build App To Help Students Get Organized

Two students hope to release an iPhone app to organize students' homework, school projects, events and upcoming tests by the end of the 2016-17 school year.

by Gabbie O'Grady, Reading Eagle, Pa. / November 10, 2015

(TNS) -- With all of the platforms students can use to stay organized, it can be overwhelming to pick just one way.

So two 10th-graders at Owen J. Roberts High School are creating a way to see all of their upcoming events and assignments in one of the easiest places - their iPhones.

Melinda Burns and Sarah Bailey are working on an iPhone application that will organize activities such as homework, projects, school and work schedules, upcoming tests and after-school activities. The two friends teamed up on the project as part of a gifted seminar class last school year under the instruction of teacher Keith Morris.

"The basic idea is it's for organization, so helping students organize their homework and everything they need to get done because it's hard," Melinda said. "When I went into middle school, I really struggled with trying to organize everything, so you need to find your own organization method. And so we're trying to make an app that can appeal to different styles of organization."

The two 15-year-olds hope to have their app running by the end of the 2016-17 school year.

The app is appropriately named NEPTH, as it is going to help students organize their notes, events, projects, tests and homework, Sarah said.

A bar on the bottom of the app will show different tabs that users can click on, leading to listings of events and assignments, an option to add items and the settings.

"The settings will be a big one," Melinda noted. "That's where a lot of the things happen."

"It's very customizable," Sarah continued.

Different variations of viewing a user's events and assignments should be available, such as a bulletin board setup or list of the day's entries.

Variations of color coding will also be available, with a wide selection of colors to categorize an entry with.

This app is an example of how prominent technology and organization are for students today.

"It's a huge process of discovery," Morris said of the girls' efforts. "It will be a steep learning curve, but these guys can do it, and they are getting close. They are a good team."

Morris allows students to pick any project that best utilizes their talents and interests.

"I simply help coach them with what they need," he said. "If I can lend a hand with my qualifications and certifications, I do that, but it's mostly them just doing what they need to do and me getting policy and tradition out of the way."

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