10,000 Years of Cascadia Subduction Earthquakes Visualized

This is a great way to see how not all of them are "full-rip" events.

by Eric Holdeman / August 8, 2019

The Cascadia subduction zone is the last great fault region on the Ring of Fire that has not "gone off" in recent memory. The BIG one might happen tomorrow, or in another 300 years. 

See this visualization of the sequence of earthquakes on the Cascadia fault zone. Not all of them have been full-rip earthquakes. It appears to me that more southern zone earthquakes have happened than along the full fault zone. 

The last Cascadia event was 319 years ago and ends the show, but I think we are just now in the "intermission period," and the show will go on!

I showed the above to my wife Mary and she said, "We need to update our home earthquake kit."

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