Brock Long Rejoins Hagerty Consulting — Higher Up the Food Chain

The ex-FEMA administrator could have gone many places, but he went back home to Hagerty.

by Eric Holdeman / April 30, 2019

Everyone I personally know who has worked with Brock Long loves him. It is therefore a happy homecoming for Brock to rejoin the team at Hagerty Consulting. I figure in our virtual world he will not be moving to the greater Chicago metro area — but you never know. Maybe his wife and kids like it when it is "cooler near the lake in summer and warmer by the lake in winter." I'm an Illinois native so I know the weather lingo there. Here in western Washington they predict "occasional sun breaks." 

He is now the executive chairman for the company. A short bio for Brock follows:

"Brock Long is the former Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Confirmed in June 2017 by the US Senate with strong bipartisan support (95-4), Brock served as the Nation’s principal advisor to the President responsible for coordinating the entire array of federal government resources down through 50 states, 573 tribal governments, and 16 island territories to assist them with executing disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. Brock is the 10th Administrator and the youngest to hold the office. While serving as Administrator, Brock coordinated the federal government’s response to over 144 Presidentially declared disasters and 112 wildfires, including three of the Nation’s most devastating hurricanes and five of the worst wildfires ever experienced. During this time, nearly $44 billion of disaster activity occurred under the various federal recovery programs."

And, a few weeks ago I found out that Hagerty is doing most, if not all, the disaster recovery work from the 2018 fires for the state of California.

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