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Children’s Book on Disaster Preparedness

This one comes from the UN.

Disaster preparedness messaging can take many forms. In this case, it is the United Nations that has a comic book approach for children called I’m prepared for emergencies.

The book is described this way: “Friends power is a series of health education comic stories developed for children. It aims to build the knowledge, attitude and skills of children on selected health topics such as natural disaster preparedness and response and healthy lifestyles. This first publication in the series deals with disaster preparedness and response focusing on earthquake, flooding, extreme heat and drought.”

Since I live in earthquake country, I reviewed the section on earthquakes. I only saw one “oops” where it states to “get under a table or stand in a doorway.” Doorways are a “no go” in today’s disaster preparedness messaging.

We have often said that the path forward for a culture of disaster resilience is via our children. If this helps even a little bit, maybe we can move the needle in a positive direction.
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