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COVID-19: Hot Flash — Warmer Weather Not Killing the Virus!

Hopeful thoughts that summer will see the virus recede are toast.

by Eric Holdeman / June 28, 2020

The coronavirus isn't called novel for no reason. It is new! 

Americans love new things, but a new virus is not one of them. With newness comes uncertainty about how a virus will perform. Earlier in the pandemic, there were lots of theories about how the virus would behave. Perhaps, like the ordinary flu, we would see cases subside during the summer months and then come back again in the fall. 

Now with cases surging across the Southwest, we know that summer is as much a playground for the virus as it was earlier in the spring of this year. So, cross that concept off your list of reasons to ignore the virus for now. 

More thoughts on the virus to come!

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