DHS Announces Strategy to Protect the Homeland from Electromagnetic Incidents

It is about time they got around to doing something about this particular threat.

by Eric Holdeman / October 10, 2018

Frequent readers of this blog will note that I've had coronal mass ejections (CME) and electromagnetic pulses (EMP) as topics numerous times. Finally now, announced today, the Department of Homeland Security has released a strategy, STRATEGY FOR PROTECTING AND PREPARING THE HOMELAND AGAINST THREATS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE AND GEOMAGNETIC DISTURBANCES.

It is not a long document, but I still have not read it. 

Note that the King County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Region 6, Washington state, Critical Infrastructure Committee identified this hazard as an issue and was awarded funds to conduct a workshop/exercise on the topic of CME, I guess that is GMD in DHS terms. 

This workshop is a long-term power outage event that we'll drill into from an inter-dependencies perspective. Without electricity, in our 21st-century workplace, not much work happens. This event is programmed for May 2019. 

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