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DHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives Looking for Feedback

What went well and what needs improvement?

by Eric Holdeman / June 21, 2020

See the announcement below:

Greetings Partners,

As we continue to support the COVID-19 response, The DHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives would like to hear from you. Several of you have presented insightful suggestions and best practices for discussion. We believe that we are better because of you and your organization and we ask you to pause and reflect on how we can better support you for the future. A few questions to start that discussion are:

  • What went well?
  • What can be improved?
  • What do we need to do more of?
  • Conversely, what do we need to do less of or differently?

Your input will allow our team to sustain continual improvement which is critical to maintaining the caliber of response the public has grown to expect. A level of quality that each of you, and your organizations, have made possible.

Please visit:  the week of 06/22/2020. This is a forum where you can have a freeform discussion about the COVID-19 response to date and how it has affected you as Houses of Worship and Faith-Based Organizations.

We kindly ask that you PLEASE provide your input as it will help us improve our current operations to better serve the survivors.

Thanks so much very much for you continued support!


DHS Center for Faith & Opportunity Initiatives 

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