Hurricane Tips from Craig Fugate

A few tidbits from an interview that he did.

I’ve extracted a few disaster tips from this article: “Former head of FEMA takes on new role at Indian River State College.”

A few of these were very practical. See below:

“With hurricane season just around the corner, Fugate offered his best advice on preparing now.

“‘Now, go get an insurance checkup. Make sure you understand what's covered and ask for flood insurance, and make sure that policy is in effect because it has to be in effect 30 days before it happens,’ Fugate said. ‘For every inch of water damage in your home, FEMA calculates as $25,000 in damage.’

“If you live in an evacuation zone, Fugate said your plan is to move inland, not necessarily out of state.

“When it comes to home preparations, not all supplies have to cost money.

“‘Like take Ziploc bags, fill them full of water and throw them in the freezer. Fill in all the voids, so if the power goes out, that ice will keep things cooler, and as it melts, you’ve got ice-cold water,’ Fugate said.

“Fugate said the Institute of Business and Home Safety, a group funded by insurance companies, looked at ways as to how damage occurs during a storm. Their simple trick is to close all interior doors in your home.

“‘They found that structural integrity of the homes improved by keeping all the interior doors closed, so if a window or something broke, it would only affect that room. It couldn't get to the rest of the house,’ Fugate said.”
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