Insurance Companies Using Drones for Damage Assessment

One of the fastest-growing uses of drones in disasters is for insurance purposes.

by Eric Holdeman / February 20, 2019

You might think that only national level insurance companies like State Farm are using drones to conduct damage assessments of properties that they insure. This really isn't true. Even very small, one or two county insurance companies are discovering the value of using drones to assess damages.


The report was put together by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC). Tom Karol is the author and I had the opportunity to chat with him late last week. The report is not a long one, but hits on many of the key areas you should have an interest in. The Table of Contents of the report includes:

  • Introduction
  • The Continuing Proliferation of Drones
  • Insurers Using Drones
  • Developments for Drone Use
  • Technology Developments
  • Regulatory Developments 
  • Legislative Developments
  • Who Regulates Drones?
  • Drone User Privacy Policies
  • Hobby Drones Get FAA Rules
  • Public Opinion Developments
  • Legal and Regulatory Advocacy for Expansion of Insurer Drone Use

For more information on NAMIC positions on drones and their use, visit Drones/Unmanned Aerial Systems.



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