New Emphasis on Cybersecurity for Ports

Finally, there may be more emphasis on cybersecurity at our nation's ports.

by Eric Holdeman / December 24, 2015

The maritime industry has been slow to recognize the importance of information technology and then the protection of the data and systems that are part of modern-day ports. Congress has now acted and there will be new reporting requirements and standards between ports, their tenants and I'm sure the United States Coast Guard. See this short article, House approves port cybersecurity bill.

Most people don't realize that ports are not the organizations that move the containers. Large ports in the United States are landlord ports who have tenants who operate the terminals themselves.  

If you wonder why automation is important, one only has to look at the stacks of containers that seem like a gigantic Rubik's Cube. When it comes time to load trains or trucks, it takes automation to sort through the complex pile of boxes that dominate a port terminal.  

Usually ports have been "hands off" of terminal operators, who are independent businesses. Establishing a reporting requirement and the role of terminals and port security operations will be interesting to watch.  

Steve Myers shared the Web link above.



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