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Senior Group Homes Implementing Procedures

An example for what one senior facility operator is doing today.

by Eric Holdeman / March 23, 2020

See this message on the precautions being taken:

Greetings friends and family,

We are fortunate that there are still no cases of COVID-19 at Wesley’s communities. We continue to follow guidelines from the state government and the Centers for Disease Control and are also regularly updating our COVID-19 protocols to ensure the continued safety of our residents and staff. 


Upon the request of our residents, visitors are limited only to those providing essential support to residents or for special circumstances. All visitors and staff are required to undergo COVID-19 screening*.


While distancing is an important precaution, proper nutrition and hydration are also a priority. For this reason, dining rooms on Wesley campuses are remaining open, but we are more strictly limiting their capacity and table spacing to encourage social distancing. 

Residents are encouraged to take meals to-go with optional delivery to apartments upon request or as needed.

Most of our campuses are assisting residents in picking up groceries to mitigate the risks inherent with visiting grocery stores.


Wesley communities are practicing high frequency deep cleaning, especially on high touch surfaces such as railings, tables, chairs, etc. 

Staff and residents are encouraged to wash hands thoroughly and frequently with hand sanitizers widely available around our campuses.

Health Monitoring & Screening

Wesley staff are required to undergo COVID-19 screening* daily upon entry to our campuses. Staff that show any signs of illness will be sent home.

Staff are visiting one-on-one with residents at least once a week for wellness checks.

Activities & Social Engagement

Many of our campuses are scheduling video calls with family, especially for residents in the care centers and memory care.

Large group activities and events remain cancelled. Many Wesley residents are finding ways to stay socially engaged while practicing social distancing.


Wesley residents are encouraged to practice social distancing and are updated regularly with COVID-19 news, health guidelines and campus protocols.

We are grateful for the support we’ve been getting from our residents and family members during this uniquely challenging time. 

We thank the family members and friends of our residents who have been understanding of our new policies set in place to protect our campuses from this serious threat.

We also have deep appreciation for our staff who are taking so many precautions while caring for our residents. 

* COVID-19 screening involves the following:

  • Checking temperature for a fever of 100.4 or higher
  • COVID-19 questionnaire including questions about symptoms and recent travel.

Daily log of visitors with temperature and signature recorded

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