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UCLA Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Love looking at EOCs? Check out these pictures.

I don't know many emergency managers who if given the opportunity to check out another organization's EOC won't jump at the chance to get a quick tour.


See pictures of what looks to be the "new" UCLA EOC  Here are some things I like about the space:


  • Wide open spaces.  Things are not crammed together so that there is plenty of walk around room.
  • Wall display space.  There are some big screens for electronic displays and then there is some other space for posters, printed maps and the like.  If you lose power you will need that space.  And, space to stand around and look a the displays with others.
  • Pod arrangement of furniture.  Many California EOCs have a theater look to them.  I like pods so that people can be grouped and have conversations across the tables.
It would be interesting to see this space when it is set up and operational. 


  • How will they handle computers?  Does everyone bring their own laptop?  I'm assuming there are power plugs in the floor.  Will people use Wi-fi or are there hardwired plugs for that too.  
  • Is everyone using cell phones for communications.  I only saw one phone.
  • All the lights are on in the room.  Will it operate that way all the time?  What about dimming the lights?
  • Is there storage for all the other office supplies you need? 
  • Where do you get things copied (maybe even faxed--if need be)
Good luck to the UCLA team.  One of these days that space will be put to good use when you have one of those frequent disasters that California is known for.