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Disaster Zone Podcast: Drone Diplomacy in the USA vs. Europe

Comparing policy differences between Europe and the United States.

Every region of the globe is looking to harness the full capabilities of drone technology. How do you do that and do it safely, even in densely populated areas that include cities and metroplexes? Vincent Pedrini, co-founder and CFO of Nomoko, as well as President of the Luxembourg Drone Federation is the guest for this podcast. After several years of experience in audit and management in companies such as Deloitte and PwC, Vincent cofounded Nomoko to unlock the untapped potential of 3D digital twins. He joined the podcast from Switzerland. In the podcast we examine the status of drone technology and the applications that can be explored via different payloads that are carried by drones. The podcast also looks at how in Europe they are seeking to harmonize regulations between nations. It was good to learn that efforts include coordinating with the United States’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for when the day will come that drones are flying back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean.