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Kansas Adds to NG-911 Suite, Improving Situational Awareness

The Kansas 911 center welcomed a new deployment from RapidDeploy to add to its AT&T NG-911 technology for improved situational awareness and more efficient operations.

911 emergency dispatcher
Kansas 911 has become the beneficiary of a partnership with AT&T and RapidDeploy, which together announced the deployment of a NG-911 suite that will improve situational awareness and streamline operations.

The new deployment to the state of Kansas 911 center consists of the Eclipse Analytics suite, along with the existing suite of Radius Mapping, RapidDeploy’s call-taking mapping platform and the Lightening Mobile app will help Kansas plan better, forecast better, manage resources and lead to faster, more informed decisions, according to a press release.

With the deployment of Eclipse Analytics, Kansas is the first state to ensure that all emergency communications centers in the state have the same access to the tools and technology for a unified approach to improving response times and outcomes.
“We are in now,” Sheriff Troy Briggs, chairman of the Kansas 911 Coordinating Council, said in the press release. “The adoption of RapidDeploy's comprehensive suite of products represents a major advancement in our ability to respond to emergencies more effectively. With improved real-time data and analytics, we can better serve and protect the citizens of Kansas.”

Eclipse Analytics will improve emergency response outcomes and operational efficiency by accessing a broader spectrum of data, which should help lead to more informed decisions. Through the cloud, the new deployment will collect and process 911 call information at scale and convert the data into key knowledge for the first responders.