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The new Owensboro electric bus is adorned with a colorful green-and-blue wrap that features images of city employees, with the city crest emblazoned at the rear of the bus, and it’s scheduled to start routes on May 23.
The city of Racine, Wis., has switched 25 percent of its bus fleet to electric power and announced a new feature in its smartphone app that shares real-time data on bus location, along with arrival and departure times.
A connected vehicle project with vehicle-to-everything technology in Georgia will continue a trend in the transportation sector that merges traditional highway infrastructure with digitally connected vehicles.
The state of Michigan and the National Park Service will be partnering on a number of transportation projects to address issues like congestion and parking, as well as increase electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
The pilot program that is under consideration is for 12 months, with a 12-month extension option, and is with Bird Rides, a Santa Monica-based company that provides electric bicycles and scooters.
New Mexico's proposed clean-car rule, which received a public hearing yesterday, would require electric vehicles to account for 7 percent of new car sales starting in January 2025.
State and local officials promised EV maker Rivian nearly $1.5 billion in tax breaks and other incentives to build a factory near Atlanta, the most lucrative package of inducements Georgia has ever offered.
A pilot project that installed a pair of portable charging stations to help power the growing number of zero-emissions vehicles in the city of San Diego's fleet has received positive reviews from city officials.
The Pittsburgh Robotics Network is made up of about 140 organizations, which includes more than 90 commercial robotics businesses, securing the region as a central hub for robotics research and development.
From becoming carbon-neutral to having net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, 21 states are making the legislative push toward cleaner energy production. But these efforts are not without substantial challenges.
A lithium-ion battery, if managed well, can have a long initial life in an electric vehicle and even a second life for other uses. Battery components should also be recycled to reduce the need for heavy metals mining.
A new interactive map developed by Esri identifies the locations of public electric vehicle charging stations nationwide. The map gives essential information like location and hours of operation.
Here’s a tool, using data from the U.S. Department of Energy, showing which states have the most electric vehicle charging stations and chargers — as well as how that stacks up with the number of EVs in that state.
Michigan's groundbreaking connected and automated vehicle lane will run between Detroit and Ann Arbor. Ford will provide not only financial support but also infrastructure support to ensure connectivity for vehicles.
The headwinds facing electric vehicle adoption range from supply side issues to charging infrastructure. However, EV observers see things gradually moving toward electrification and “transportation-as-a-service” models.