California Governor Vows to Protect Obama's Clean Power Plan

Some Republicans aren't happy about the new emissions regulations imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan, but California Gov. Jerry Brown won't budge.

by / October 29, 2015

On Oct. 27, California Gov. Jerry Brown vowed to protect Obama's Clean Power Plan from Republican opposition, The Los Angeles Times reported.

“We’re going to intervene,” he said at a climate change forum hosted by the University of California, calling those who oppose the initiative "misguided" and leading "America into a dark age of climate denial."

Several states have sued the federal government in opposition to the Environmental Protection Agency's initiative that is designed to reduce greenhouse emissions from power plants.
Ensuring that measures like the CPP are upheld and its tenants adhered to will require hard work and cooperation, Brown said.

"If we put all of our best minds together in California, that is a very formidable force, and nothing less than that is required,” Brown said.

California has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2025, along with several other states that have similar time frames to reduce emissions.

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