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Israel Joins ‘Smart Cities’ Craze with New Town of Harish

The Tel Aviv suburb of Harish is in line to become the next global smart city equipped with traffic sensors, citywide broadband and smart trash cans.

by Citiscope / September 2, 2015
Harish, Israel "Harish01" by idobi - Own work.
The future of urbanization in Israel may rest with the fate of a planned utopia: Harish. Simona Weinglass reports for the Times of Israel that the new city 45 minutes from Tel Aviv is to feature sensors and other innovations and emphasize walkability.

Harish is expected to house 70,000 residents by 2020 and 100,000 over the next decade. The first few hundred residents are set to move there in November. Initial plans call for the city to offer its own phone and Internet service. It even may produce low-cost electricity through a combination of natural gas, wind and solar, the article says.

As in other “smart” cities, sensors would monitor vital signs, such as traffic and weather, and would indicate when trash cans are full and ready for pickup. The main boulevard would include a walkable zone down the center for pedestrians, bicyclists and cafes. Harish is being designed to offer something to all segments of Israeli society. Weinglass notes that it would be a mix of religious and secular, Jew and Arab, urban hipster and immigrant.

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