L.A. to Vegas High-Speed Rail Project Gains Steam

A high-speed rail link from Los Angeles to Las Vegas would shorten what is currently more than a four-hour drive into an 80-minute trip.

by Citiscope / September 29, 2015
A high-speed rail link connecting Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 80 minutes is finally on track. Julie Makinen and Dan Weikel report for the Los Angeles Times that a partnership between XpressWest and China Railway International USA is expected to provide a major boost. On weekends, the trip of 230 miles (370 kilometers) can take more than four hours by car due to heavy congestion.

China Railway has committed an initial US$100 million in funding, the article says. The involvement of China is critical because it has considerable expertise with high-speed rail links. “China has built the most extensive high-speed railway network in the world with about 10,000 miles of track,” Makinen and Weikel write. With that system largely complete, Chinese companies are seeking new markets.

A high-speed rail connection between the two cities could have important environmental and traffic impacts, the Times notes. Running along a major highway corridor, the trains would eliminate an estimated 3 million car trips a year. The electric trains would travel at speeds topping 150 mph (240 km/h), according to XpressWest. Construction of the rail line could begin as early as September 2016.

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