Town Considers Offering Streetlights to Charge Amazon Drones

Amherst, N.Y., is considering welcoming Amazon with streetlight recharging stations for the company’s delivery drones. The town is considering buying a network of streetlights and may convert them to LED lights.

by Stephen T. Watson, The Buffalo News / February 28, 2020

(TNS) — Grand Island, N.Y., got all the attention this week for its maybe-we-think-probably Amazon mega-development.

But nearby Amherst might be ready to welcome the global online retailer, too.

Not with a massive warehouse and distribution center, mind you, but with streetlight recharging stations for Amazon delivery drones.

The Town of Amherst might buy its network of street lights from National Grid and convert them to LED lights.

The town has a host of project options, from basic to deluxe, according to consultants from Wendel who presented at Monday's Town Board work session.

Councilman Shawn Lavin had a question about a potential feature that referred to Amazon drone recharging.

The Wendel rep said the town could, if it wished, add landing pads perched on its light poles for buzzing delivery drones, with Amazon paying the town for the energy boost.

It all sounds wildly futuristic, but Councilwoman Deborah Bruch Bucki said officials can always include the feature later before they finish their streetlight shopping.

"Add to cart," Bucki quipped. "As my granddaughters tell me, add to cart."

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