Podcast: Is Sarcasm Safer Than Humor in Social Media?

Introducing the podcast for getting your wits around the shock of the new. The newly rebooted Not Safe For Government platform focuses on applied innovation in state and local government.

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There is still plenty of GovTech Social in the newly renamed and rebooted Not Safe For Government (NSFG) podcast.  In fact, we have been working to make social media safe for government.  That impulse was in full evidence during the Atlanta GovTech Social Academy, where this episode was recorded with a live audience in northern Georgia.

Lt. Odilia Bergh from the Peachtree City Police Department (@PTCfirepolice) says sarcasm is helpful in connecting with an audience (and making a point) on social media. Her team uses it a lot and, perhaps not coincidentally, team members have each other’s backs if things go wrong. As for humor, Bergh says they have a hard and fast rule: “Never post while still laughing. Ever.” 

Chelsea Stevens from Georgia Interactive (@GeorgiaGovTeam) discussed the state’s efforts to refine its voice — “informative, fun and friendly” when engaging the public on social media while keeping it all business for internal audiences.

And Angela Thompson described a five-year serial journey through the city of Milton (@cityofmiltonga) to the city of Canton (@CityofCantonGA) that included internal resistance to social media and refashioning the two cities’ messaging.

Listen to the whole episode for details and audience questions.


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