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Cybersecurity & Privacy Imperative

Smart IT Strategies for Higher Education

SEPTEMBER 20, 2023

What do CIOs and other technology leaders need to do to protect their college’s data and keep it secure? What are the consequences of a data breach or mismanagement? How does being proactive help mitigate risk? How does automation, artificial intelligence and other sophisticated technologies help protect data? How and why should a CIO be looking at these technologies for their organizations? This conversation will help answer all these questions and more.
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NOVEMBER 14, 2023

What training do end users need to have to meet higher education privacy responsibilities? How do privacy mandates impact operations? What does higher education need to do to meet these mandates, including implementing policies, procedures, audits, reporting, remediation and tracking? How can technology solutions help campus leaders protect private information while maintaining the openness that higher education is known for? This conversation will help answer all these questions and more.
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The digital learning platform Solvably’s new AI Centers of Excellence challenge users to apply AI to academic or real-world problems. The modules can be tailored for K-12, higher education or professional development.
Research teams at the University of Texas at San Antonio are trying to develop AI models that mirror how the human brain processes information at a fraction of the energy that current AI systems use.
In order to become “ultra-intelligent institutions” that harness data to improve all aspects of their operations, colleges and universities must make their disparate data sets accessible, searchable and analyzable by AI.