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January 2015

Pandemic preparedness

Preparing for the Next Pandemic: What Will It Be?

The danger of pandemics has become greater than ever.


Can You Make Disaster Information Go Viral?

San Diego, Calif., is examining how to make social media work more effectively in emergency response situations.

How Robots Are Changing Disaster Response and Recovery

The field of disaster robotics has been studied for the last two decades. Robin Murphy has been there from the start and explains where it’s headed and what you need to know.


Main Street Terrorism Is the New Threat to Prepare For

Counterterrorism measures are getting better all the time, but what about the “small” stuff?

12-Step Program for Emergency Managers

It is only natural that we look for ways to escape our addiction to homeland security grants and gain control over our individual programs.

Emergency Management Will be More Mobile in 2015


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