Democracy on Demand

The Internet and TVW have your full-access pass to the legislative hearings and court proceedings of Washington state.

by / May 31, 1998
The Internet has given new meaning to the concept of open access to government. One of the best examples is Washington state, where TVW -- a nonprofit, state-level public-affairs network -- uses cutting-edge technology to provide unedited information about state government deliberations

TVW was originally conceived as strictly a television network, like C-SPAN and systems operating in 19 other states to provide live coverage of legislative sessions. However, TVW departs from that model with its extensive use of the Internet -- not only to provide live online coverage of all its programming, but also to provide on-demand access to past events at the click of a mouse button.

Of course, when TVW was conceived, the Internet had yet to become the household word it is today.
Blake Harris Editor
Platforms & Programs