Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

by , / May 31, 1999
Thomas M. Koulopoulos
Thomas M. Koulopoulos is president of the Boston-based Delphi Group, professor of knowledge management at the Boston College Wallace E. Carroll Graduate School of Management and the author of four books.

John Ladley
John Ladley is vice president of Knowledge Interspace, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in knowledge logistics and data warehouse planning, training and delivery. He is also a research fellow with Meta Group, of Stamford, Conn., an IT market analysis and consulting company.

David Moon
David Moon is a member of Utah Gov. Michael Leavitt's senior staff, serving as the state's chief information officer. He is responsible for spearheading the governor's technology initiatives and coordinating the use of information technology across state agencies.

Joseph S. Rubenfeld
Joseph S. Rubenfeld is deputy commissioner for advanced technology and systems development at the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications in New York City.

Richard Stuckey
Richard J. Stuckey is a partner in Andersen Consulting's Global Technology Integration Services organization. He leads the collaboration and knowledge management group, which is charged with providing services to architect, design and install knowledge management systems.

Robert Turner
Robert Turner is director of the Federal Aviation Administration's team technology center. He is co-chairman of the Federal Knowledge Management Learning Consulting Network.

Karen Vander Linde
Karen Vander Linde is a lead partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers' center for performance improvement, which focuses on providing technology assimilation, learning and knowledge management solutions to clients worldwide.