Reinventing Our Web Site

Reinventing Our Web Site

by / March 9, 2007
We talk plenty in Government Technology magazine about societal and technological forces that are changing government. But the truth is that many of those same forces are reshaping the publishing industry.

Just as your constituents expect to conduct much of their government business electronically, readers now demand a much richer and more relevant experience from publication Web sites. Like many publication home pages, the Government Technology Web site began as a place to archive magazine articles and present news briefs and other tidbits that didn't fit in our printed pages. Clearly the stature of electronic media has grown since then, and expanded along with it.

Now, after years of incremental change, the site is receiving a complete and badly needed overhaul. The new, which launches officially in May, provides a portal into the full resources of Government Technology magazine and our corporate parent, e.Republic Inc.

That means you'll find easily searchable story archives, as well as a wide range of original information and analysis from Government Technology writers and editors. But that's just the start. Our new GTTV service will produce insightful video news segments featuring thoughts from leaders in government and industry. And you'll have convenient access to presentations from Government Technology conferences and events, as well as research and resources compiled by the Center for Digital Government.

Just as important, the new site offers sophisticated personalization tools designed to make this potential overload of information relevant to you. For instance, a "My Briefcase" feature lets you compile resources from -- documents, videos, blogs, conference presentations, etc. -- and material from other sites into a single page containing the information you need most.

By the way, you may have noticed I began calling the site "" a few paragraphs back. That was no typo. With the redesign also comes a new name -- but you'll still be able to reach the site via the familiar address, too.

Our goal isn't just to bring you more information -- although the new site certainly will accomplish that -- but to present that material in unique and useful ways. We understand that your responsibilities are growing and, of course, the pace of technological change is greater than ever. That puts a premium on relevant information and quick insight.

Simply put, pressure to reinvent government is leading us to reinvent our Web site.

For 20 years, we've delivered ideas and best practices for transforming government through the pages of Government Technology magazine. The print magazine isn't going anywhere -- we think it's better than ever, in fact. But the new is the next evolution in fulfilling that mission.

Check it out, and let us know what you think.
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